2002 AutomaticStock# W0050877

Sedan 178,000 Kms

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Introducing the 2002 Nissan X-Trail GT, a distinctive and capable SUV that combines versatility with a touch of sportiness. This particular model is a right-hand drive variant, adding to its uniqueness. Presented in a sleek Black finish and boasting 178,000 miles on the odometer, this X-Trail GT brings together performance and practicality in a distinctive package.

The X-Trail GT is characterized by its rugged yet refined design, accentuated by its Black exterior. The body lines and proportions create a balanced and athletic appearance, while the front grille and headlights give it a distinct visual identity. Despite its age, the exterior has been well-maintained, showcasing a testament to its care and upkeep.

Step inside the X-Trail GT's cabin, where functionality meets comfort. The right-hand drive layout offers a unique driving experience, enhancing visibility and control. The interior features user-friendly controls and ample storage solutions, making it a practical space for daily use and adventures. While the design prioritizes utility, it also incorporates comfort with supportive seating and well-placed amenities.

The 2002 X-Trail GT comes equipped with essential features for an enjoyable driving experience. While the focus is on functionality, you can expect power windows, air conditioning, and a user-friendly infotainment system. The cabin layout is designed to accommodate your needs while providing a straightforward and ergonomic interface.

Under the hood, the X-Trail GT is powered by a capable engine that offers a blend of performance and efficiency. The GT variant emphasizes sportier driving dynamics, and the all-wheel-drive system enhances traction and stability on various road conditions. The SUV's suspension is tuned for a balanced ride, providing comfort on urban streets and beyond.

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